Agua Enodo

Groundwater Consulting Services


Agua Enodo has a passion for maximising the beneficial outcomes of our projects, ensuring our clients achieve the best green credentials and sustainability outcomes for the benefit of the current and future environment.

Currently located in the heart of the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site, our historical roots in these mining districts serves us today and for the future with our global and diverse geological and hydrogeological experience. With iconic projects and partners in Europe, North America and Australasia, we have no obstacle to working across time zones and geographical distances.


Our holistic approach to groundwater assessment brings success to our clients and our business. We strive to gain comprehensive insight into the local groundwater characteristics within the context of the wider catchment to inform our assessments.


We know Ground Source Heat Pumps. We know that achieving the full green potential of a site requires experience and collaboration across a diverse range of disciplines. Agua Enodo’s wider group has access to many of the World’s most experienced Ground Source Heat Pump designers who have worked on many of world’s most iconic projects.


Assessing groundwater flow and occurrence using software is much more than applied maths. We understand the physical processes, both spatially and temporally, that influences our environment. Starting from strong conceptual modelling experience, we can develop and deliver a range of modelling projects across many platforms.