Agua Enodo

Groundwater Consulting Services

Our Philosophy

Agua Enodo provides specialist groundwater consulting services, focused on Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) systems and groundwater resources. We pride ourselves on delivering projects using a dedicated team tailored to your needs; building strong relationships from the start that continue through the technical delivery, project management and post-completion phases. Agua Enodo offers pragmatic, timely and reliable advice through effective and open communication throughout the project.


Our holistic approach to groundwater assessment brings success to our clients and our business. We strive to gain comprehensive insight into the local groundwater characteristics within the context of the wider catchment to inform our assessments.


We know Ground Source Heat Pumps. We know that achieving the full green potential of a site requires experience and collaboration across a diverse range of disciplines. Agua Enodo’s wider group has access to many of the World’s most experienced Ground Source Heat Pump designers who have worked on many of world’s most iconic projects.


Assessing groundwater flow and occurrence using software is much more than applied maths. We understand the physical processes, both spatial and temporal, that influence our environment. Starting from strong conceptual modelling experience, we can develop and deliver a range of modelling projects across many platforms.