Since 2002 Huw has been involved in some of the UK’s first, largest and most prestigious GSHP and DES projects. He now works globally from his desk in Pontevedra in Galicia, Northern Spain. With more than two decades of regulatory and industry experience, and now as director of Agua Enodo, Huw is able to devote his time to researching, modelling and designing Open Loop GSHP systems by collaborating and sub-consulting to the Geothermal Industry.

Hailing from Cornwall and with a passion for environmental sustainability, Huw has travelled the world with his work, living for over 10 years in New Zealand and Australia. He has been repeatedly called upon by the same clients and project managers who want to know their GSHP and DES projects are in safe hands, wherever they or their projects are based.

Open Loop Ground Heat Exchanger GSHP and DES Services

  • feasibility studies
  • regulatory approvals
  • site investigation
  • detailed design
  • operational optimization

Coupled Groundwater Flow and Heat Transport Modelling

  • Deep basin coupled groundwater flow and heat transport modelling
  • Groundwater modelling in deep fractured reservoirs requiring phase-change analysis
  • Groundwater modelling for the extractive industries including permafrost and fluid groundwater interaction
  • Groundwater depressurisation and pore pressure analysis for the extractive industries
  • Groundwater assessments from site investigation to drawdown and settlement analysis for the mining, civil and infrastructure industries including road tunnelling and deep basement design.

Permitting and Licencing Services

  • Groundwater and environmental impact assessments for Open Loop GSHP projects
  • Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) in both shallow aquifer and deep fractured basins for treated water and brine management
  • Groundwater resource and supply projects

Who We Work with…

Listen to my GSHPA Webinar on Groundwater Modelling of Open Loop Systems